While the market is down due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is a good idea to focus on search engine optimization (SEO).

It is too soon to predict when different industries will recover from this pandemic or how large the impact is. However, industry experts believes SEO and digital marketing will help to reduce the impact.

SEO Or Digital Marketing Amid Coronavirus Outbreak?

Digital marketing may be a great “quick-fix” where possible. Especially since internet usage have surged in the past days due to several “stay-at-home” orders and lockdowns throughout the world. But what if you are among those who doesn’t offer services online?

If your business is selling a product or service with remained or increased demand, you could gain benefits from digital advertising. SEO on the other side, is your to-go-to for services and products with low demand during the crisis.

The reason is that the effect of search engine optimization takes a long time before it kicks in. So when the market (and demand) recovers, you’re set.

SEO Takes 4-6 Months. Sometimes more.

When a website have undergone search engine optimization it generally takes 4-6 months too see the effect of it. Forbes, Search Engine Journal and SEO Mechanics have all stated that this is the case.

Sometimes it can take as long as a year if you’re in a competitive market.

What To Do & Not

When it comes to strategy of both SEO and digital marketing, think what’s feasible now. Also look three, six & nine months ahead.

  • Don’t produce content that can’t be achieved due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Don’t promote short-term offers that can’t be delivered.
  • Look over your paid campaigns, reallocate budget or cut down in areas where you can’t deliver.
  • Go through your current content online. What’s missing? What do others do and how can you do this better?

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