Google SEO - A Complete Guide

This is our complete guide to work your way up the search results with Google SEO!

First off, we recommend that you to read about what SEO is:

What is Google SEO?

Google SEO is a way to work with your website as outlined in Google’s guidelines for search engine optimization. This is an over 8000 word long document, that thoroughly explains what Google Search is using to qualify your website and its content as good. Even though it is extensive, it does not reveal any secrets about how their search engine algorithms work.

How to Optimize for SEO in Google Search

We can split this into two categories, the most basic optimization factors, and the more advanced.



The most important part to successfully increase your visibility in Google Search is your content and the user intent of it. Your main keywords, which you can consider as most valuable are to be placed in:

  • Title
    • This will improve click-through-rate, and also initially tells what the content is about.
  • Body
    • Here’s the even more important part. Make sure keywords, variations of it and relevant content is spread out evenly.
  • Subheadings
    • Subheadings are valuable in Google SEO and should explain what the content below is about, relevance once again.
  • Meta Title/Description
    • These meta data ends up in the search engine results. The more engaging and relevant they are to your content, the more likely are you to receive traffic from searches.
  • Anchor Text
    • Internal links in your text content makes it easier for Google, and your visitors, to find around your website.
  • Image ALT attributes and file names
    • Including images are great for Google SEO. It also helps you show up in images search if you have relevant keywords here.



If you’re website and pages load fast. They are more likely to rank in Google Search. Remember that Google want to be able provide information fast when your search for it.


This is quite a ranking factor and requires some work to establish. Good backlinks will increase your websites Domain Authority (DA). See it as a torque. For example, if your content about a topic is better than someone else with a higher DA, it may still rank lower.

Social Media

Social Media has been a ranking signal in Google SEO for a while. The more popular you are on social media, the better. As for other content, if it’s relevant to your website, it will help!


Google SEO is pretty straight forward, keep up with your On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO. This means to create relevant content for your visitors, with less distraction.

Google’s search engine robots, also called crawlers are advanced. But like humans, they will likely get distracted if your content is too off-topic of what your’re trying to showcase, sell or describe with your website.

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